Interia Hospitality A Choice Hotels Qualified Vendor



Q: May I order from Interia Hospitality directly?

A: No, but for Choice Hotel properties that do not have mandated design packages, our art consultants are happy to help create art and mirror selections for all your wall décor needs. For help from one of our art consultants, CLICK HERE


Q: How do I order stock mirrors and pre-approved Interia Hospitality art such as the collection of Sleep Inn Hotels?
A: To order stock mirrors and pre-approved art please contact your preferred supplier.


Q: Is there a minimum on orders?
A: No, we do not require a minimum.


Q: What is your turnaround time - how long does it take to receive the artwork?
A: Production time for artwork is 4 weeks plus a week transit time, after receipt of purchase order.


Q: Can I change the colors of the image?
A: Yes, we are able to adjust the colors of the artwork in an effort to coordinate with your design scheme. Some of our artists require approval prior to making color changes. Please provide a Pantone or paint color reference from Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams for our print lab to match. We are not able to change the colors of artwork for Choice Hotels mandated art programs.


Q: Are the images available in alternate or custom sizes?
A: Yes, we are able to print the imagery in alternate sizes. Please keep in mind that if the new size is not proportionate to the original image, cropping will occur. Interia will send visuals of the new cropped image for approval prior to printing. There may also be additional costs for custom sizes which are not currently in the Hospitality Art Collection offerings. We are not able to change the artwork size for Choice Hotels mandated art programs.


Q: What if I cannot find imagery for my project in the Hospitality Art Collection?
A: One of the highly qualified Interia Hospitality Art Consultants will curate a custom collection and present a package to you within 3 business days.


Q: Are there framing choices available other than what is shown in the Hospitality Art Collection?
A: Yes, we have a wide selection of frames. Please provide Interia with the preferred frame finish, width, height, and budget per framed item and Interia will provide you with a selection of frames. Interia will send you frame samples for finish approval at no charge.


Q: Can you print on materials other than paper or canvas?
A: Yes, Interia is able to print on a wide variety of media. Including Acrylic, Sintra, Type II Vinyl Wallcovering, wood, metal, and glass. The Art Consultants at Interia Hospitality are more than happy to discuss your project with you and provide information and suggestions on different printing substrates. All Choice Hotels mandated art programs must be printed on the specified substrate.


Q: What is the largest size canvas that can be printed?
A: Interia can print large format sizes. The maximum canvas roll is 60” wide and 54” wide for the paper.


Q: What are the cleaning instructions for mirrors and artwork on canvas and acrylic?
A: Most can be cleaned with gentle, non-bleach based cleaner and wiped clean with a soft cloth.


  1. What moulding and style are recommended for bathrooms and humid climates to minimize warping and possible damage due to condensation?
    A: We recommend a polystyrene moulding for bathrooms and humid areas. Acrylic artwork and canvas are great for rooms with a lot of moisture.